What Is the ICCID # on My Phone


What does ICCID stand for? And what does the ICCID # mean on my phone?

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ICCID stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier. ICCID number identifies each SIM internationally. A full ICCID number is 19 to 22 characters.

You can find the ICCID # of your phone usually in the "About" areas in "Settings".

ICCID can be divided into 3 parts: IIN (Issuer Identifier Number), AIN (Account Identification Number) and Checksum.

IIN (Issuer Identifier Number) - The IIN part can be further divided into 3 sub-parts: MII (Major Industry Identifier), International Calling Code, and Issuer Identifier.

The MII is a fixed value of 89 controlled by the ISO 7812 standard for "Telecommunications administrations and private operating agencies").

The International Calling Code is 1- to 3-digit long controlled by the ITU-T E.118 standard. For example, 1 = North America, 01 = United states, 61 = Australia, 86 = China, 354 = Iceland, etc.

Issuer Identifier is 1- to 4-digit long controlled by the ITU-T E.118 standard. For example, AAPT = 14, EZI-PhoneCard = 88, Hutchison = 06, Optus = 02/12/21/23, Telstra = 01, Telstra Business = 00/61/62, Vodafone = 03, etc.

AIN (Account Identification Number) - The AIN part can also be further divided into several sub-parts decided by the issuer. For example, Airtel from India may divide the AIN into 3 sub-parts:

  • 4 digits to represent Month and Year (in MMYY format) when the SIM card (which carries the ICCID) was manufactured.
  • 2 digits to represent the switch configuration code.
  • 6 digits to represent the account number of the service subscriber.

Checksum - The Checksum is a 1-digit long calculated from all other digits in the ICCID using the Luhn algorithm.

For example, this ICCID = 8991101200003204514 provides the following details:

  • The first two digits 89 refers to "Telecommunications" as the MII
  • The next two digits 91 refers to the country code of India.
  • The next two digits 10 refers to the issuer of Airtel.
  • The next four digits 1200 refers to December of 2000, when the carrying SIM was manufactured.
  • The next two digits 00 refers to the switch configuration code.
  • The next six digits 320451 refers to the account number of the subscriber.
  • The next one digit 4 refers to the checksum.

On a iPhone, you can find the ICCID by going to the "Settings > General > About" screen.
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