Features of Windows Phone 8 OS


What are nice features of Windows Phone 8 Operating System (OS)?

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Some features of Windows Phone 8 OS:

  • As unique as you are - Your Windows Phone comes alive with the things you care about—people, places, songs, photos, and apps.
  • You are what you pin - Pin the Live Tiles you want, and snap! There’s the stuff you care about, updating in real time, right on your Start screen. You can pin people, apps, songs, websites, directions, games, photos, docs, and more. Only Windows Phone has Live Tiles, and only Windows Phone lets you pin what you love.
  • All your people and all the ways you keep them close - Windows Phone is the only phone with a People Hub, where you’ll find your contacts, kick off conversations (phone, text, IM, email), check out your friends’ latest posts and photos, get to your Rooms and Groups, or even make a Skype call right from a contact card.
  • Create your space. Invite family or friends. - Only Windows Phone 8 has the full Rooms experience. But you can invite someone with a Windows Phone 7 or an iPhone—they’ll be able to use the room calendar on their phone.
  • Kidproof your phone—in a way your kids will love - Hand over your phone without fear. Kid’s Corner grants your little ones access only to the apps, games, videos, and music you choose for them, so you can relax and let them play. They can open Kid’s Corner on their own, but your Start screen, apps, and info are protected by a password you set. Only on Windows Phone 8.
  • Take your stuff wherever you go - With SkyDrive, your photos, videos, and Office docs are always available right on your Windows Phone. OneNote on your phone syncs to SkyDrive too, so your notes are always handy. And once SkyDrive is set up, you don’t need to worry about losing your stuff, even if your phone goes missing. It’s all automatically backed up.2

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