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If you are looking for the International Country/Region Calling Code for a given country or region, or looking for the country or region for a given Calling Code, we can help you using the Country/Region Calling Code search tool below. All you need to do is to enter the country or region name or the partial name, or the Calling Code, and click the "Search" button. A list of countries or regions and their calling codes will be presented in the result area.




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  • British Indian Ocean Territory: +246
  • India: +91

Note that calling codes are prefixed with the "+" sign, which is a shorthand dialing key to represent the International Dialing Code. Dialing "+" on a smart phone allows to get out of the country or region where you are located and continue to dial the calling code of the destination country or region listed above.

For more information on Country/Region Calling Code, see "Country Calling Code (CCC) or ISD" tutorial.


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