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Where to find SIM Card Numbers for testing purpose?

If you are looking for SIM Card Numbers to test your application, we can help you to generate some SIM Card numbers with dummy accounts for different carriers in different regions. All you need to do is to enter the number of data items you need in the form below, and click the "Generate" button below. The generated SIM card numbers will be presented in the result area.




Result obtained by - Test SIM Card Numbers: Warning, these SIM card numbers are for testing purpose only. Do not use them in any production systems.

89961011694891120564 from FTML, S.A.L.
89300513560415243014 from Vodafone
89920411216212699811 from CMPAK Ltd
89257071926561682634 from Lacell SU
89242061256791620228 from ICE Nordisk Mobiltelefon AS
89404181691931184746 from Reliance Telecom Private
89302380182528122443 from DMTS Mobility
89415351373651240855 from Cellis
89240381351281301335 from Voxbone SA
89405910127175175418 from Spice Haryana
89405901116386199458 from MTS North East
89248051831301438383 from AS Bravocom Mobiil

SIM numbers generated above have 3 different formats:

1. ICCID Format - 89-CCC-II-AIN-checksum, where 89 is the MII (Major Industry Identifier) representing "Telecommunications administrations and Private operating agencies". CCC is the international Counntry Calling Code, II is the carrier's Issuer Identifier, and AIN is the Account Identification Number.

2. IMSI Format - 89-MCC-MNC-MSIN-checksum, where MCC is hte Mobile Country Code, MNC is the Mobile Network Code, and MSIN is the Mobile Subscriber Identification Number.

3. Hybrid Format - 89-CCC-MNC-SN-Checksum, where CCC is the international Counntry Calling Code, MNC is the Mobile Network Code, and SN is a Serial Number that is mapped to an account in carrier's system.

For more information on SIM number formats, see "What Is the SIM Card Number" tutorial.


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