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Where to find answers to frequently asked questions on Apple iPhone? I want to know how to know how to create nice looking emails, how to same emails to local computer, etc.

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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by team about Apple iPhone:

iPhone Camera Questions

Where Are iPhone Cameras Located

iPhone Camera Technical Specifications

Open up iPhone Camera Quickly

Where is iPhone Camera Shutter

Turn on iPhone Camera Grid

Use iPhone Camera Burst Mode

Adjust iPhone Camera Focus Manually

iPhone Camera Video Recording Resolutions

Getting and Managing Apple ID

What Is Apple ID

Apply for Apple ID on

Get Apple ID on iTunes without Credit Card

Single or Multiple Apple IDs

Managing Apple ID Profile

Answering Apple ID Security Questions

What Are Apple ID Security Questions

Forgot Your Apple ID Security Questions

Apple Article on Forgot Security Question Answers

Frustrated when Forgot Security Question Answers

Contact Apple Support to Reset Security Questions

Apple Support Cannot Reset Security Questions

Share Your Screen with Apple Support

What Is Apple Two-factor Authentication

Trusted Apple Devices and Trusted Phone Numbers

Setup Two-Factor Authentication for Apple ID

Add More Trusted Phone Number in Apple ID

Verify Two-Factor Authentication with Web Browser

Manage Trusted Devices for Apple ID with Web Browser

Manage Trusted Phone Numbers for Apple ID with Web Browser

Apple iPhone 7 Models

Apple iPhone 7 Phone Released in 2016

Apple iPhone 7 and EarPods 3.5mm Jack

Apple iPhone 6 Models

Apple iPhone 6 Phone Released in 2014

Apple iPhone 6s Phone Released in 2015

Apple iPhone 5 Models

Apple iPhone 5 Phone Released in 2012

Apple iPhone 5 Features

Apple iPhone 5 Thinner and Taller than iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 5s Phone Released in 2013

Apple iPhone 5c Phone Released in 2013

Apple iPhone 5 with Black Diamond: $15.3M

Apple iPhone 4 Models

Apple iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition: $8M

Apple iPhone 4S Phone Released in 2011

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