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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by team about Apple iPhone:

Understanding Your iPhone

iPhone Buttons/Switches and Meanings

iPhone Icons/Symbols and Meanings

What Is Control Center on iPhone

What Is Notification Center on iPhone

Managing iPhone Settings

Top Level Setting Options on iPhone

General Setting Options on iPhone

Settings > General > About Information on iPhone

What Is iPhone Airplane Mode

Using Phone App on iPhone

What Is Phone App

Make Calls with Phone App on iPhone

Receive Calls with Phone App on iPhone

Use Loud Speaker with Phone App on iPhone

Add New Contact in Phone App on iPhone

Create Contact from Phone Call History on iPhone

Update Phone Contacts on iPhone

Autodialing Phone Extension with Pause on iPhone

Using Messages App on iPhone

What Is Messages App

What Is iMessage

Turn On/Off iMessage Function on iPhone

Requirements on Using iMessage

What Is MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

Turn On/Off MMS Function on iPhone

Sending Pictures with MMS Is Expensive

What Is SMS (Short Messaging Service)

Turn On/Off SMS Function on iPhone

Differentiate iMessage and MMS/SMS on iPhone

Using Wi-Fi on iPhone

What Is Wi-Fi

Turn On/Off Wi-Fi on iPhone

Connect to Wi-Fi Networks on iPhone

Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi Networks on iPhone

View Wi-Fi Connection Details on iPhone

Change Wi-Fi Network Settings on iPhone

Some Wi-Fi Networks Require Registration

Using Apple AirDrop on iPhone

What Is Apple AirDrop

Turn On/Off AirDrop on iPhone

Turn On/Off AirDrop on macOS

AirDrop Photo/Video Out Off iPhone

Receive AirDrop Photo/Video on macOS

AirDrop Photo/Video Out Off macOS

Receive AirDrop Photo/Video on iPhone

AirDrop PDF File Out Off iPhone

Receive AirDrop PDF File on macOS

AirDrop PDF File Out Off macOS

Receive AirDrop PDF Files on iPhone

Using Bluetooth on iPhone

What Is Bluetooth

Turn On/Off Bluetooth on iPhone

Bluetooth Connection - iPhone to macOS

Disconnect Bluetooth Device from iPhone

Bluetooth Connection - macOS to iPhone

Send File over Bluetooth - macOS to iPhone

Browse iPhone Files over Bluetooth from macOS

Connect to Bluetooth Earphone from iPhone

Verify Bluetooth Earphone Connection on iPhone

Play Music with Bluetooth Earphone on iPhone

Connected to Wrong Bluetooth Device from iPhone

Using Apple Earbuds

Different Types of Apple Earphones

Apple AirPods Released in 2016

Seting up (Pairing) Apple AirPods with iPhone

Reconnect/Disconnect Apple AirPods with iPhone

Apple AirPods Settings on iPhone

Double-Tap Commands on Apple AirPods

Force Sensor Commands on Apple AirPods Pro

Siri Voice Commands on Apple AirPods

Check Battery Level on Apple AirPods

Audio/Sound Alerts on Apple AirPods

Light Statuses on Apple AirPods

Pair AirPods with macOS Computer

Using Personal Hotspot on iPhone

What Is Personal Hotspot

Turn On/Off Personal Hotspot on iPhone

Connect to Personal Hotspot with Wi-Fi from macOS

Connect to Personal Hotspot with Bluetooth from macOS

View Personal Hotspot Connections on iPhone

Using AirPrint on iPhone

What Is AirPrint

Enable AirPrint on Printers

Use AirPrint on iPhone

Use AirPrint on macOS Computer

Use AirPrint on Android Devices

Getting and Managing Apple ID

What Is Apple ID

Apply for Apple ID on

Get Apple ID on iTunes without Credit Card

Single or Multiple Apple IDs

Managing Apple ID Profile

Answering Apple ID Security Questions

What Are Apple ID Security Questions

Forgot Your Apple ID Security Questions

Apple Article on Forgot Security Question Answers

Frustrated when Forgot Security Question Answers

Contact Apple Support to Reset Security Questions

Apple Support Cannot Reset Security Questions

Share Your Screen with Apple Support

What Is Apple Two-factor Authentication

Trusted Apple Devices and Trusted Phone Numbers

Setup Two-Factor Authentication for Apple ID

Add More Trusted Phone Number in Apple ID

Verify Two-Factor Authentication with Web Browser

Manage Trusted Devices for Apple ID with Web Browser

Manage Trusted Phone Numbers for Apple ID with Web Browser

Setting Up Apple iPhone

'Hello' Screen on Apple iPhone

IMEI and ICCID Info on Apple new iPhone

iPhone Activation Error - No SIM Card

Different No SIM Card Errors on Apple iPhone

Installing SIM Card on Apple iPhone

Activation Lock - Used iPhone Linked to Apple ID

Transfer SIM Card to New iPhone

Transfer Personal Apps and Data to New iPhone

Transfer Error - Same Passcode on New iPhone

Dark Apps in Waiting after Transferring from old iPhone

iOS - System Software for iPhone

What Is Apple iOS?

Main Features of Apple iOS?

News Features of Apple iOS 10?

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Understanding Your iPhone

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