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Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by team about Samsung Galaxy Phones:

Understanding Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Mobile Phone Maker - Samsung Electronics

Samsung Galaxy Phone Series and Models

Samsung Galaxy Model Number Hierarchy

Buttons/Ports/Sensors on Samsung Phone

Proximity/Light Sensor on Samsung Phone

Home Screen on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Apps Screen on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Search for an App on Samsung Galaxy

List of Apps Developed by Samsung

List of Icons on Samsung Galaxy Phone

Operating Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Commonly Used Finger Gestures

Keys for Common Operations

Settings on Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

Find the Model Number of Samsung Galaxy

Find the Android Version of Samsung Galaxy

Search for a Setting on Samsung Galaxy

Common Issues with Samsung Phone

Failed to Download from Galaxy Store

Failed to Send Text Messages

Lost Cellular Data Connection

Lost Cellular Signal when Not on Call

Using Samsung "Internet" App

What Is Samsung "Internet"

Keep "Internet" App Updated

Bookmark Websites in Samsung "Internet"

Menu Options in Samsung "Internet"

"You Were Tracked" - Samsung "Internet" Warning

Block Ads in Samsung "Internet"

Using Samsung "Email" App

What Is Samsung "Email"

Keep "Email" App Updated

Set Up First Account in Samsung "Email"

Adding Multiple Accounts in Samsung "Email"

Compose and Send Message in Samsung "Email"

Send Attachments in Samsung "Email"

Download Attachments in Samsung "Email"

Find Downloaded Email Attachments in "Files"

Save Message as File in Samsung "Email"

Print Message as PDF in Samsung "Email"

Account Settings in Samsung "Email"

Using Samsung "My Files" App

What Is Samsung "My Files"

Keep "My Files" App Updated

File Folders on Internal Storage

Functionalities in "My Files" App

Smart Switch - Data Backup and File Manager

What Is Samsung Smart Switch

Smart Switch - Transfer Data between Samsung Phones

Smart Switch - Transfer Data from iPhone

Install Smart Switch on Mac Computer

Use Smart Switch on Mac Computer

Smart Switch - Backup Phone Data

Smart Switch - Restore Backup to Phone

Smart Switch Backup File Location on Mac

Smart Switch - Delete Backup Files

Smart Switch - Manage Files on Phone

Smart Switch - Transfer Photo Files from Phone

Smart Switch - Transfer Music Files to Phone

Smart Switch - Restore Backups from iPhone

Samsung Kies for Older Galaxy Phones

Android File Transfer Not Working on Mac

Setting Up Samsung Phone

What Is Samsung Galaxy Set Up

Samsung Galaxy Set Up - Language and Accessibility

Samsung Galaxy Set Up - Wi-Fi and Time Zone

Samsung Galaxy Set Up - Google Account

Samsung Galaxy Set Up - Location and Dropbox

Samsung Galaxy Set Up - Samsung Account

Samsung Phone Models

Samsung Galaxy A03 Phone Released in 2022

Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone Released in 2019

Samsung Galaxy S9 Phone Released in 2018

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Phone Released in 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Phone Released in 2017

Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone Released in 2016

Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone Released in 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone Released in 2014

Samsung Galaxy S4 Phone Released in 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note II Phone Released in 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Phone Released in 2012

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone Released in 2011

Samsung Focus S Phone Released in 2011

Samsung Epic 4G Phone Released in 2010

Other Samsung Phone Questions

Upgrade My Galaxy S To Android 2.2

Add Ringtone To Contact

Use My Samsung Phone Like a Modem

Put Music Files from Computer to Samsung Phone

Proximity Sensor Light

GPS Navigation Not Working

Change Movie Format on Samsung Phone

Front Camera on Samsung Phone

Serial Number on Samsung Phone

J16 OTA Update for Samsung Vibrant

Delete Movie on Samsung Vibrant

Power Button on Samsung Phone

Samsung Phone Turning Off by Itself

Sync with Outlook on Samsung Phone

Sync E-mail on Samsung Phone with Desktop

GPS Problem on Samsung Phone

Windows XP Connection Problem with Samsung Phone

Missing Movie on Samsung Vibrant

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Understanding Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

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