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Where to find IMEI/MEID Numbers for testing purpose?

If you are looking for IMEI/MEID numbers to test your application, we can help you to generate some with dummy serial numbers for different phone makers in different regions. All you need to do is to enter the number of data items you need in the form below, and click the "Generate" button. The generated IMEI/MEID numbers will be presented in the result area.




Result obtained by - Test IMEI/MEID Numbers: Warning, these IMEI/MEID numbers are for testing purpose only. Do not use them in any production systems.

355764029566215 for Samsung SGH-D888
353252011088887 for Nokia 3250
351482806677709 for Nokia 3410
449303402039504 for Nokia 5110
350101303041729 for Nokia 3310
330033001390279 for Alcatel Pocketline Swing
351664055255358 for Nokia C3
351254001863321 for Sony Ericsson T618
355395047935254 for Nokia 5233
352195003054675 for Soutec S268
359328033214877 for Nokia 1661
350448001668174 for Panasonic GD55

For more information on IMEI Number format, see "What Is the IMEI Number on My Phone" tutorial.

For more information on MEID Number format, see "What Is the MEID Number on My Phone" tutorial.


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