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Printing from Android Photos
How to print a photo from Android Photos? I have a printer connected to my Android phone. If you have a printer connected to your Android phone, you can follow this tutorial to print a photo. 1. Open the photo you want to print with Photos app. 2. Tap ... menu on the top right corner. You see the Pr...
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Install Wi-Fi Enabled Printer on Android
How to install Wi-Fi Enabled Printer on my Android phone? If you have a Wi-Fi Enabled Printer on your local network, you can follow this tutorial to install it on your Android phone. 1. Connect your Android phone with Wi-Fi to your local network. 2. Tap and open "Settings" from home screen. 3. Tap "...
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Classic Apps for Android Devices
What are classic apps for Android devices? Here are some classic apps of all time for Android devices: Microsoft Solitaire Collection 1.1 - By Microsoft Corporation, released in 2016, for Android 4.4+. APK file can be downloaded at apkmirror.com with 45,358,940 bytes. TETRIS® Blitz (North America) 3...
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"Download" File Folder on Android
What is the "Download" file folder on my Android phone? Which Apps are using the "Downloads" file folder? The "Download" file folder on my Android phone is a storage location used by many Apps to store downloaded files. Here is a list of Apps that are using the "Download" folder. 1. Web browsers lik...
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Most Popular Android Apps Repositories
What are popular Android apps repositories? Here are the most popular Android apps repositories compiled by FYIcenter.com team: 1. Google Play Store This is the official Android apps repository for all Google Android devices. User account login is required. 2. Samsung Galaxy Store This is the offici...
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Android File Transfer for Mac Computer
What is "Android File Transfer" for Mac computer? "Android File Transfer" is a Mac application that allows you to browse and transfer files between your Mac computer and your Android device. You can follow these steps to download and use "Android File Transfer". 1. Go to https://www.android.com/file.. .
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APK Downloader Displaying Spamware Ads
Why is APK Downloader displaying spamware ads? APK Downloader used to be a good Android apps repository. But it is now displaying spamware ads when you try to download any APK files. Here is an example. 1. Go to APK Downloader . 2. Search for "Solitaire" and select "Microsoft Solitaire Collection AP...
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Using Android App Repositories
If you have an Android phone or Android tablet, you may want to download and install new apps and update existing apps. This guide help you how to use and Android apps repositories: Most Popular Android Apps Repositories Classic Apps for Android Devices APK Downloader Displaying Spamware Ads     ⇒ ...
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