How to Backup Your Phone’s Data Online


How to Backup Your Phone’s Data Online

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If you lose your cell phone, what you might be most upset about is losing all the data with it.

While services can't protect you from misplacing a phone, they can help you get some of it back by backing up your data to their servers.

CyberSynchs is one such service. The software installs on Windows-powered smartphones (but not cell phones) in about five minutes.

The service, which costs $2.99 per month, confidentially backs up a phone's accumulated data to a secure server. This includes photos, emails, text messages and music. If parents are using the service to monitor their children, they can log into CyberSynchs and review their kid's smartphone activity.

CyberSynchs, which currently supports the Windows Mobile 5 operating system and later versions of it, says it's working on compatibility with the iPhone and BlackBerry devices. Other services exist (like Treasuremytext) so you can backup your text messages, too.

My Phone from Microsoft also backs up data and competes with CyberSynchs. It even allows you to locate a lost phone. My Phone only works on "most phones" that run the Windows Mobile 6 operating system or later. The service is free.

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