iPhone Model: 5C, A1532, or ME505LL/A


Why the model number on the back cover of my iPhone 5C says A1532, not 5C? Is my phone really a "iPhone 5C"? I am confused.

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In the Apple iPhone world, "iPhone 5C" refers the model family for all phone sets that produced with the iPhone 5C technical design specifications.

But "iPhone 5C" phone sets are actually produced with different specific settings to meet different technology needs of different cellular carriers in different regions of the world. Apple uses model numbers to identify those differences.

For example, Apple uses a model number "A1507" to identify a specific variation of "iPhone 5C" produced for "UK/Europe/Middle East" region. Here is a table of different model numbers used for "iPhone 5C":

Model Family   Model Number   Cellular Technology,Carrier,Region
------------   ------------   -----------------------------------------------
iPhone 5C      A1456          CDMA,,US/Japan
iPhone 5C      A1507          ,,UK/Europe/Middle East
iPhone 5C      A1516          ,China Mobile,China
iPhone 5C      A1526          ,China Unicom,China
iPhone 5C      A1529          ,,Asia Pacific
iPhone 5C      A1532          GSM/CDMA,Verizon/China Telecom,N. America/China

So it is confusing that your iPhone 5C phone set shows "A1532" as the model. And it does show "iPhone 5C" any where on your phone set.

To make things even more confusing, if you open your iPhone 5C and go to "Settings > General > About", it will show you another model number like "ME553LL/A". This is actually called Part Number or Order Number, which is used identify a sub variation of a Model Number.

For example, here are some Part Numbers for iPhone 5C A1532 model:

Model Family   Model #   Part #      Cellular Technology,Carrier,Region
------------   -------   ---------   ----------------------------------
iPhone 5C      A1532     ME505LL/A   GSM,,North America
iPhone 5C      A1532     ME553LL/A   CDMA,Verizon,US
iPhone 5C      A1532     MF364CH/A   CDMA,China Telecom,China

So, if you see "Model: ME553LL/A" in your iPhone Settings, you know you are using an iPhone 5C A1532 with Verizon for CDMA cellular service.


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