Phone Number Format in Haiti


What is the Phone Number Format in Haiti?




Most phone numbers in Haiti are written in the following formats:

   Prefix: long distance or international
   |   Carrier or area code 
   |   --------------------
   |   |   Subscriber number
   |   |   -----------------
   v   v   v
       AA  SS SSSS      - Local format
  +509 AA  SS SSSS      - International format

Most telephone numbers in Haiti have 8 digits and are written in the format of "AA SS SSSS". Here are some examples: 48 92 8035; 37 91 9209.

When dialing locally inside Haiti, dial the phone number directly as "AA SS SSSS". Long distance prefix is not needed.

When dialing from outside of Haiti, the international dial-in prefix "+509" is required. So the format becomes "+509 AA SS SSSS".

When dialing from Haiti to other countries, the international dail-out prefix "+" or "00" required.

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