Change Wi-Fi Network Settings on iPhone


How to change Wi-Fi network settings on my iPhone? I want to have fixed IP address.



When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, your iPhone will use default settings like dynamically obtaining the IP address.

But you change those Wi-Fi network settings by following these steps.

1. Go to "Settings > Wi-Fi". You see a list of available Wi-Fi networks.

2. Tap on "info" icon at the end of the network name you want to change. You see Wi-Fi network detail settings.

Configure IP        Automatic
Configure DNS       Automatic
Configure Proxy     Off

3. Tap on "Configure IP - Automatic" to change it. You see 3 options:

Manual          check

4. Tap on "Manual" to select it. You see manual setting details.

5. Enter your fixed IP address and other information:

ID Address
Subnet Mask

6. Tap on "Save" to save the changes.

7. Tap on "Join This Network". In a few seconds, your iPhone will be connected to this Wi-Fi network with a fixed IP address.

The picture below shows you how to turn on and off Wi-Fi on your iPhone:

Change Wi-Fi Network Settings on iPhone
Change Wi-Fi Network Settings on iPhone


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