Samsung Kies for Older Galaxy Phones


Can I continue to use Samsung Kies on my Mac computer for my older Galaxy phone?



Samsung Kies has been replaced by Samsung Smart Switch for newer Galaxy phones. But you can continue to use Samsung Kies on your Mac computer to manage your older Galaxy phone.

Here is how to determine which Galaxy phone models are supported by Smart Switch and Kies.

Kies Supported Models - Feature phone, Smart Phone/Tablet before Galaxy Note III (including Galaxy S4, Note II, etc). For example, Galaxy S8+ is not supported by Kies.

Smart Switch Supported Models - Smart Phone/Tablet from Galaxy Note III (Android OS 4.3 or over) For example, Galaxy S8+ is supported by Smart Switch.

If you try to connect newer model phone to the Kies on your Mac, you will get this error message:

Unsupported device alert

The connected device is supported through
Smart Switch, which is faster and more convenient.


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