List of Icons on Samsung Galaxy Phone


What icons are used on Samsung Galaxy Phone?



Here is a list of commonly used icons on Samsung Galaxy Phone.

Alarm On Alarm on Alarm is activated.
Battery Charging Battery charging Battery is being charged.
Battery Level Battery level Battery level indicator.
Bluetooth On Bluetooth on Bluetooth connection is activated.
Call in Progress Call in progress Phone call in progress.
Call Missed Call missed Phone call missed.
Network Status - No Signal Cellular: No signal Not connected to the cellular network.
Network Status - Signal Strength Cellular strength Cellular network connection strength.
Cellular Data: 3G Data: 3G Using 3G Cellular data technology.
Cellular Data: 4G Data: 4G Using 4G Cellular data technology.
Cellular Data: 5G Data: 5G Using 5G Cellular data technology.
Cellular Data: LTE Data: LTE Using LTE Cellular data technology.
File Download File download File downloaded recently.
Flight Mode Flight mode All connections off.
GPS Location On GPS location on GPS location is activated.
Hotspot Enabled Hotspot enabled Hotspot is turned on.
New Text Messages Message: New items New text messages received.
Navigation - Apps Navigation: Apps List recently used apps.
Navigation - Back Navigation: Back Go back to the previous screen.
Navigation - Home Navigation: Home Go to home screen.
NFC Enabled NFC enabled NFC (Near-Field Communication) is turned on.
Sound Muted Sound: Muted In mute mode. No sound.
Vibration Mode Sound: Vibration In vibration mode. No ring.
VPN Connection VPN connection VPN connection in use.
Wi-Fi Connection Wi-Fi connection Wi-Fi connection in use.
Wi-Fi with No Internet Wi-Fi with no Internet Wi-Fi connected. But no Internet.


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