What Is the ICCID Number on My Phone


What does ICCID stand for? And what does the ICCID number mean on my phone?

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ICCID stands for Integrated Circuit Card IDentifier. An ICCID number identifies a single SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card internationally. A full ICCID number is 19 to 22 characters long.

You can find the ICCID number of your phone usually in the "About" areas in "Settings".

An ICCID number can be divided into 3 parts: IIN (Issuer Identifier Number), AIN (Account Identification Number) and Checksum.

IIN (Issuer Identifier Number) - The IIN part can be further divided into 3 sub-parts: MII (Major Industry Identifier), International Country Calling Code, and Issuer Identifier.

The MII is a fixed value of 8 and 9, where 8 is given by the ISO 7812 standard for "Telecommunications administrations“, and 9 is for "Private operating agencies".

The International Country Calling Code is 1- to 3-digit long controlled by the ITU-T E.118 standard. For example, 1 = North America, 01 = United states, 61 = Australia, 86 = China, 354 = Iceland, etc.

Issuer Identifier is 1- to 4-digit long controlled by the ITU-T E.118 standard. For example, AAPT = 14, EZI-PhoneCard = 88, Hutchison = 06, Optus = 02, 12, 21, or 23, Telstra = 01, Telstra Business = 00, 61, or 62, Vodafone = 03, etc.

AIN (Account Identification Number) - The AIN part can also be further divided into several sub-parts decided by the issuer. For example, Airtel from India may divide the AIN into 3 sub-parts:

  • 4 digits to represent Month and Year (in MMYY format) when the SIM card (which carries the ICCID) was manufactured.
  • 2 digits to represent the switch configuration code.
  • 6 digits to represent the account number of the service subscriber.

Checksum - The Checksum is a 1-digit long calculated from all other digits in the ICCID using the Luhn algorithm.

For example, this ICCID = 8991101200003204514 provides the following details:

  • The first two digits 89 refers to "Telecommunications" as the MII
  • The next two digits 91 refers to the country code of India.
  • The next two digits 10 refers to the issuer of Airtel.
  • The next four digits 1200 refers to December of 2000, when the carrying SIM was manufactured.
  • The next two digits 00 refers to the switch configuration code.
  • The next six digits 320451 refers to the account number of the subscriber.
  • The next one digit 4 refers to the checksum.

On a iPhone, you can find the ICCID by going to the "Settings > General > About" screen.

ICCID Number on iPhone
ICCID Number on iPhone

To decode an ICCID Number, use "ICCID/SIM Card Number Checker/Decoder" tool.


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