Failed to Send Text Messages


Why am I not able to send out Text messages with my Samsung phone? It was working yesterday.



If you are not able to send out Text messages with your Samsung phone, follow these steps until the issue is resolved.

1. Make sure that "Flight Mode" is turned off. Go to "Settings > Connections > Flight Mode" to verify.

2. Check the cellular signal strength near the top edge of the screen. If the strength is weak, move yourself to a different location for stronger signal.

3. Make a phone call to see if your wireless service is active. If you can not make calls, contact your service provider to restore service.

4. Clear "Messages" app cache. Go to "Settings > Apps > Messages > Storage". Then tap on "Clear data" and "Clear cache". This procedure will not delete any text messages or other personal data.

5. Reboot your phone by holding down the power button and the volume down button at the same time, and select "Restart".

6. Call your service provider,maybe your Text service has been stopped.


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