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What does the "You Were Tracked ..." privacy warning mean in Samsung "Internet"?

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If you open the "Privacy" menu option in Samsung "Internet", you may see a "You Were Tracked ..." privacy warning as shown below.

1. Visit a Website with Samsung "Internet".

2. Tap on Menu icon near the bottom right corner. You a list of menu options.

3. Tap on "Privacy". You may see a warning message like:

You were tracked 2204 times by 146 trackers today

3. Check the "Smart anti-tracking" option. It may see "Never".

5. Tap on "Smart anti-tracking". You see a list of trackers, which are mostly Ads providers like:


You should not be surprised to see so many Ads companies who are tracking your Internet activities. Today most Websites are using ads to generate revenues so that they can provide information to you free of charge.

If you are concerned about your privacy, use the following settings to get a better protection:

Smart anti-tracking: Always
Block backward redirections: On
Block pop-ups: On
Block apps from opening Internet:
  Email: On
  Messages: On
  Facebook: On
Warn about malicious sites: On
Block automatic downloads: On

Note that above settings do not block Ads. They prevent the browser opening potential malicious sites. You need to use Ad Blockers to block ads.


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