Menu Options in Samsung "Internet"


What are those menu options in Samsung "Internet"?



Samsung "Internet" provides a large number of functionalities through its menu options. You can access them as shown below.

1. Visit a Website with Samsung "Internet".

2. Tap on Menu icon near the bottom right corner. You a list of menu options.

  • Downloads - Displays previously downloaded files.
  • History - Displays previously visited Web pages. You should clear them frequently, if you are concerned about your privacy.
  • Saved pages - Displays previously saved Web pages.
  • Add page to - Adds current page to Bookmarks, Quick access, Home screen, or Save pages.
  • Share - Share the Web link with other apps to send out or process.
  • Dark theme sites - Displays the page in Dark theme.
  • Ad blockers - Manages Ad Blockers.
  • Find on page - Searches for keywords on the page.
  • Desktop site - Displays the page in Desktop mode.
  • Text size - Changes text font size on the page.
  • Zoom - Scale up or down the display of the page.
  • Add-ons - Manages Add-on components in the browser.
  • Print/PDF - Prints or generates PDF of the page.
  • Privacy - Manages privacy settings.
  • Settings - Manages all settings of the browser.
  • Translate - Translates the page to other languages.


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