Turn on Developer Options on Motorola Phone


What are Developer Options? How to turn them on in my Motorola phone?

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Developer Options on Motorola phones allow you to use special functionalities to access and manage phone's operationg system.

By default, the Developer Options screen is hidden in "Settings". You can follow this tutorial to turn it on.

1. Go to "Settings > About phone". You see phone information listed on the screen.

2. Scroll down to the bottom, and tap on "Build number" repeatedly for 7 times. You see a pop message saying "You are a developer".

3. Go to "Settings > System". You see "{ } Developer options" listed on the screen.

4. Tap on "Developer options". You see the following options:

Memory - Avg 3 GB of 6 GB memory used
Bug report 
Desktop backup password - Desktop backup aren't currently protected
Stay awake - Screen will never sleep while charging 
Enable Bluetooth HCI snoop log 
EOM unlocking - Connect to the Internet or contact your carrier 
Running services - View and control currently running services
Picture color mode - User sRGB 
WebView implementation - Android System WebView
DSU Loader - Load a Dynamic System Update Image
System UI demo mode 
Quick settings developer tiles 

  USB Debugging - Debug mode when USB is connected 
  Revoke USB debugging authorization 
  Wireless Debugging - Debug mode when Wi-Fi is connected 
  Disable adb authorization timeout - Disable automatic revocation 
    of adb authorizations for systems that have not reconnected 
    within the default (7 days) or user-configured (minimum 1 day) 
    amount of time.
  Bug report shortcut - Show a button in the power menu for taking 
    a bug report
  Enable view attribute inspection 
  Select debug app - No debug application set 
  Wait for debugger - Debugged applications waits for debugger 
    to attach before executing
  Verify apps over USB - Check apps installed via ADB/ADT for 
    harmful behavior 
  Verify bytecode of debuggable apps - Allow ART to verify 
    bytecode for debuggable apps 
  Logger buffer sizes - 256K per log buffer 
  Feature flags
  Enable GPU debug layers - Allow loading GPU debug layers for debug apps 
  Graphics Driver Preferences - Modify graphics driver settings 
  App Compatibility Changes - Toggle app compatibility changes 
  Show refresh rate - Show the current display refresh rate 
  Allow screen overlays on settings - Allow apps that can display over 
    other apps to overlay Settings screens 
  System Tracing - Record system activity and analyze it later to 
    improve performance 
  Wireless display certificate - Show options for wireless display certification
  Enable Wi-Fi Verbose Logging - Increase Wi-Fi logging level show per 
    SSID RSSI in Wi-Fi Picker 
  Wi-Fi scan throtting - Reduces battery drain & improves network performance 
  Wi-Fi non-persistent MAC randomization - when this mode is enabled, this 
    device's MAC address may change each time it connects to a network 
    that has MAC randomization enabled.
  Mobile data always active - Always keep mobile data active, even when 
    Wi-Fi is active (for fast network switching).
  Tethering hardware  acceleration - Use tethering hardware acceleration 
    if available 
  Default USB configuration 
  Show Bluetooth devices without names - Bluetooth devices without names 
    (MAC addresses only) will be displayed 
  Disable absolute volume - Disables the Bluetooth absolute volume issues 
    with remote devices such as unacceptable loud volume or lack of control 
  Enable Gabeldorsche - Enables the Bluetooth Gabeldorsche feature stack.
  Disable Bluetooth A2DP hardware offload 
  Bluetooth AVRCP Version
  Bluetooth MAP Version 
  HD audio 
  Bluetooth Audio Codec
  Bluetooth Audio Sample Rate 
  Bluetooth Audio Bits Per Sample 
  Bluetooth Audio Channel Mode 
  Bluetooth Audio LDAC Codec: Playback Quality 
  Enable LHDC AR Audio 
  Maximum connected Bluetooth audio devices 

  Show taps - Show visual deedback for taps 
  Pointer location - Screen overlay showing current touch data 
  Show surface updates - Flash entire window surfaces when they update 
  Show layout bounds - Show clip bounds, margins, etc.
  Force RTL layout direction - Force screen layout direction to RTL 
    for all locales 
  Window animation scale
  Transition animation scale 
  Animation duration scale 
  Simulate secondary displays 
  Smallest width: 387 dp 
  Display cutout 

Hardware accelaraed rendering 
  Show view udpates - Flash views inside windows when drawn 
  Show hardware layers updates - Flash hardware layer green when they update 
  Debug GPU overdraw 
  Debug non-rectangular clip operations 
  Override force-dark - Overrides the force-dark feature to be always-on 
  Force 4x MSAA - Enable 4x MSAA in OpenGL ES 2.0 apps 
  Disable HW overlays - Always use GPU for screen compositing 
  Simulate color space 

  Disable USB audio routing - Disable automatic routing to USB audio peripherals 
  Media transcoding settings 

  Strict mode enabled - Flash screen when apps do long operations on main thread 
  Profile HWUI rendering 

  Don't keep activities - Destroy every activity as soon as the user leaves it
  Background process limit 
  Background check  
  Always show creash dialog - Show dialog every time an app crashes 
  Show background ANRs - Display App Not Responding dialog for background apps
  Show notification channel warnings - Display on-screen warning when an app 
    posts a notficatiton without a valid channel 
  Standby apps 
  Force allow apps on external - Makes any app eligible to be written to 
    external storage, regardless of manifest values 
  Force activities to be resizable - Make all activities resizable for 
    multi-window, regardless of manifest values.
  Enable freeform windows - Enable support for experimental freeform windows 
  Forced desktop mode - Force experimental desktop mode on secondary windows 
  Enable non-sizable in multi window - Allows non-sizable apps to be in 
    multi window 
  Reset ShortcutManager rate-limiting

  Logging level - Off 
  Max requests per session - 10 
  Max visible datasets - 0 
  Reset to default values 

  Shared data - There is no shared data for this user 

  Select mock location app - No mock location app set 
  Force full GNSS measurements - Track all GNSS constellations and 
    frequencies with no duty cycling 


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