What Is Motorola "Moto" App


What Is Motorola "Moto" App on my Motorola phone?

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"Moto" on you Motorola phone is an app that comes with your phone. nside the app, you’ll find Moto Actions, Moto Display, and other feature families that let you customize the way you interact with your phone.

"Moto" is available in Google Play store.

Main features of Motorola "Moto" app.

  • Personalization - Let you customize layout, fonts, colors, icons, sounds, etc..
  • Gestures - Let you turn on special gestures like touching the screen with 3 fingers to take a screenshot.
  • Tips and Tricks - Guide you to learn tips and tricks on using your phone.
  • Display Preferences - Let customize the display style of the phone.
  • Entertainment Settings - Let customize audio, video and game playing settings.
Motorola 'Moto' App - Features
Motorola 'Moto' App - Features


Motorola "Moto" App - Personalization

Using Motorola "Moto" App

Using Motorola "Moto" App

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