Motorola "Moto" App - Personalization


How to personlize your Motorola phone with the "Moto" app?



The "Moto" app let you personlize your Motorola phone in the following areas:

  • Layout - Let you change the Home screen layout with more or less app icons.
  • Fonts - Let you change the font family for displaying text on the phone.
  • Color - Let you change background colors of menus and buttons.
  • Icon Shape - Let you change the shape of app icons on the Home screen.
  • Sounds - Let you change ringtones for incoming calls, notifications, and alarms.
  • Display Size - Let you change display sizes of buttons and icons.
  • Font Size - Let you change the font size for displaying text.
  • System Theme - Let you change the display theme with light mode or dark mode.
  • Themes - Let you select the display theme from several pre-defined combinations.
  • Wallpaper - Let you change the wallpaper for the background of the Lock screen and the Home screen.
Motorola 'Moto' App - Personalization Options
Motorola 'Moto' App - Personalization Options


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