Motorola "Moto" App - Special Gestures


How to manage special gestures on your Motorola phone with the "Moto" app?



Motorola supports some cool gestures to give quick access of commonly used functions:

  • Power touch - Double tab the power key to pop up voice assistant and shortcuts to 6 apps.
  • Quick capture - Hold the phone and twist your wrist twice quickly to open the camera app.
  • Fast flashlight - Chop twice quickly with your phone to turn on or turn off the flashlight.
  • 3 finger screenshot - Touch the screen with 3 fingers to take a screenshot.
  • Lift to unlock - Lift the phone and look at the screen to unlock it. This requires the face unlock feature to be turned on.
  • Flip for DND - Flip the phone over (screen facing down) to enable DND (Do Not Disturb).
  • Pick up to silence - Pick up the phone, or move the phone upward, to silence the ringer/
  • Swipe to split - See apps in split screen by swiping back and forth. This requires accessibility services to recognize swiping gestures.
Motorola 'Moto' App - Special Gestures
Motorola 'Moto' App - Special Gestures


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