Windows Phone 8 Basics - Keyboard tips - Change keyboard languag


Windows Phone 8 Basics - Keyboard tips - Change keyboard languag

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You can choose from a wide variety of languages, layouts, and regions for your keyboard to find the letters, characters, symbols, and abbreviations you're looking for. Your phone also offers word suggestions and spelling corrections based on the language you choose. To learn more, see Keyboard tips.

In the App list, tap Settings Settings icon > Keyboard.

Tap Add keyboards Add icon, select all the languages you'd like to be able to use from your keyboard, and then tap Add Add icon. (To remove a language, tap and hold the language in the list, and then tap Remove.)

The next time you use your keyboard, you'll see a button on the bottom row of keys that indicates which language you're currently using on your keyboard.

Tap the button to switch between all the languages you've selected. For example, if you usually use a US English keyboard, tap the ENG button, and the keyboard switches to the next language you've added. You can also tap and hold the button to reveal all the languages you've added and then switch to the one you want.

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