Apple iPhone 5 with Black Diamond: $15.3M


What is price of the most expensive Apple iPhone 5?



The most expensive Apple iPhone 5 is the one created by Stuart Hughes in 2013 with an embedded rare black diamond and priced at $15.3 million dollars.

Apparently, it took Stuart Hughes nine weeks to re-create the chassis of the iPhone 5 in solid gold, and the complete handset has been finished by hand. The single, flawless, deep cut black diamond weighs in at 26 cts and aptly replaces the home button of the smartphone. The chassis is inlaid with approximately 600 white flawless diamonds with full gold dressing on the back. It has about 135 grams of 24ct gold and a sapphire glass set in the screen. The back also has the Apple logo showing off 53 flawless diamonds.

Apple iPhone 5 with a Black Diamond


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