General Setting Options on iPhone


What are general setting options on my iPhone?



Here is how to see the general setting options on your iPhone:

1. Tap on "Settings" icon on the home screen. iPhone Settings Icon

2. Swipe down and tap on "General". You see a list of all general setting options on the screen.

  • About - To see information about your iPhone device.
  • Software Update - To check install iOS software updates for your iPhone.
  • Siri - To manage the Siri functions.
  • Spotlight Search - To manage spotlight search settings for Siri to suggest you search results.
  • Handoff & Suggested Apps - To manage handoff settings for sharing apps between devices with iCloud and suggested apps in control center.
  • CarPlay - To manage CarPlay settings to interact with your car.
  • Accessibility - To manage accessibility settings.
  • Storage & iCloud Usage - To manage local storage on your iPhone and storage of your iCloud account.
  • Background App Refresh - To control refress settings for each app.
  • Auto-Lock - To manage auto-lock settings to lock your home screen.
  • Restrictions - To set a restriction passcode for parental control in case your kids are using your iPhone.
  • Date & Time - To manage Date & Time settings.
  • Language & Region - To manage Language & Region settings.
  • iTunes Wi-Fi Sync - To manage iTunes Wi-Fi Sync settings.
  • VPN - To manage VPN (Virtual Private Network) settings.
  • Device Management - To setup devcie management tool that controls your iPhone settings remotely.
  • Regulatory - To see regulatory information about your iPhone.
  • Reset - To reset your iPhone to factory settings. All your apps and data will be removed. But you can restore them, if you have a backup.

The picture below shows you the general setting options on your iPhone:

General Setting Options on iPhone
General Setting Options on iPhone


Settings > General > About Information on iPhone

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