Windows AutoPlay for LG Phone USB Connection


What is Windows AutoPlay for LG phone connected by USB cable?



AutoPlay is a device interface provided by Windows the USB device driver for LG phone connected by USB cable. You can follow this tutorial to learn how to use the AutoPlay interface.

1. Connect your LG phone to your Windows computer with a USB cable.

2. Make sure the USB connection is set to file transfer mode as shown in the previous tutorial.

3. On your Windows computer, Windows will automatically find and run the device driver to match your LG phone.

4. When the device driver is executed, it will display the AutoPlay interface with 3 options:

Sync digital media files to this device
- using Windows Media Player

Open device to view files
- using Windows explorer

Import pictures and videos
- using Windows

5. Click "Open device to view files". You see the LG phone is connected as a disk drive with an old cellphone icon.

The following picture shows you the AutoPlay interface when a LG phone is connected to Windows using a USB cable:
LG Phone and Windows USB Connection AutoPlay


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