What Is Phone App


What is the Phone App on my iPhone?

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The Phone app is an application on your iPhone that allows you to make phone calls and receive phone calls.

The Phone app comes with the iPhone system, you don't need download or install it. It should appear on your home screen of your iPhone.

If you launch it, you should see 5 main functions of the Phone app located at the bottom:

  • Favorites - Stores phone numbers of your favorite friends.
  • Recents - Keeps history of recent phone calls.
  • Contacts - Stores phone number and other contact information.
  • Keypad - Displays a numeric keypad to make a new call by tapping numeric digits of the phone number.
  • Voicemail - Stores voice messages left by your friends.

Note that you have a valid SIM card given by your phone service provider and installed in your iPhone to be able to use the Phone app.

If your phone service provider name like, Vodafone, is displayed at the top left corner of the screen, you know you have valid SIM card installed.

The picture below shows you the numeric keypad used by the Phone app to make new calls:

Numeric Keypad of Phone App on iPhone
Numeric Keypad of Phone App on iPhone


Make Calls with Phone App on iPhone

Using Phone App on iPhone

Using Phone App on iPhone

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