iPhone Music Settings


What settings are supported on iPhone Music?

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You can follow this tutorial to view and change settings on iPhone Music.

Tap on "Home > Settings > Music". You see a list of iPhone Music settings:

  • Show Apple Music - Turn on or turn off iPhone Music.
  • Join Apple Music - Join or cancel Apple Music subscription.
  • Cellular Data - Allow or not allow iPhone Music to use cellular data.
  • Download Music - Manage music files imported with iTunes from other devices.
  • EQ - Turn on or turn off EQ (Equalizer) when playing music.
  • Volumn Limit - Set a volume limit for playing music.
  • Sound Check - Turn on or turn off the feature that check and adjust source level of the music.
  • (Home Sharing) Sign In - Sign in with Apple ID to share the music library on other home devices.

iPhone Music Settings Screenshot


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