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What is the best way to manage Downloaded music files on iPhone?

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There are 2 ways to store downloaded music files on your iPhone.

1. iPhone Files - iPhone Files allows you to:

  • Store music and other files received from Email, AirDrop, or other Apps.
  • Play music from stored music files.
  • Sync music and other files with iCloud Drive and other cloud storage service.

2. iPhone Music - iPhone Music allows you to:

  • Store music files imported, (called Downloaded Music) with iTunes.
  • Store local copies of purchased music from iTunes store.
  • Play music from stored music files.

The following diagram shows you different ways to transfer downloaded music files between iPhone and Windows/Man computers:
iPhone Music and Downloaded Music Files

As you can see from the diagram:

  • iPhone does not allow you to store downloaded music files (like *.pm3 files) directly to iPhone Music library. This is to help protecting music digital copyright.
  • You can easily save music files in iPhone Files frome email, from iCloud Drive/Microsoft OneDrive/etc., from Website downloads, or from AirDrop transfers.
  • You can play music from iPhone Files. But that player is too simple comparing to iPhone Music.
  • The only way to transfer music files to iPhone Music is to use iTunes from a desktop computer with a USB connection.
  • Transerring music files to iPhone Music is a one-way street. There is no way to transfer them back. So you must keep copies of your music files on your desktop computer.
  • The best place to keep your downloaded music files is iCloud Drive. You can get them anytime, anywhere and on any device with a simple Web browser.

To turn on iCloud Drive on your iPhone, tap "Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > iCloud Drive: ON".

To access iCloud Drive files, tap "Files > Locations > iCloud Drive".

See other tutorials on how to transfer music files with iTunes on desktop computers.


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