iPhone Icons/Symbols and Meanings


What do those icons and symbols mean on my iPhone?

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Your iPhone uses many different icons and symbols to inform you some important information from system applications. Those icons and symbols are displayed used in the status bar, in the control center, or in settings.

Here is a list of commonly used icons/symbols and their meanings on your iPhone:

The strength of the cellular signal from the carrier network. The cellular signal is 100% strong, if you see 4 bars. The cellular signal is 50% strong, if you see 2 bars. There is no cellular signal, if you see "No service". See "Settings > Cellular > Network Selection".

The strength of the cellular signal with Dual SIM. You can use 2 different carrier networks.

Your iPhone is locked with a passcode or Touch ID. See "Settings > Touch ID & Passcodes".

The battery level of your iPhone. If this icon is yellow, Low Power Mode is on. If this is half full, your iPhone is half charged. If this icon is red, your iPhone is less than 20% charged. See "Settings > Battery".

Your iPhone battery is charging.

Your iPhone is connected to the Internet with Wi-Fi. See "Settings > Wi-Fi".

This icon identifies cellular data functionalities. See "Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data".

Your iPhone has cellular data activity. You are sending or receiving data from the Internet with an app. Or some Internet apps are working in the background. See "Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data".

You have an upcoming alarm set in the Clock app. See "Clock > Alarm".

Your iPhone is in "Do Not Disturb" mode or scheduled night mode. Calls, alerts, and notifications will be silences, except alarms. See "Settings > Do Not Disturb".

Your iPhone is in Airplane mode. All communication functions are turned off. See "Settings > Airplane Mode".

Some apps on your iPhone are using the Location Service. If this icon is in purple, some apps used the location service recently. See "Settings > Privacy > Location Services".

Some other devices are connected to your iPhone through the Personal Hotspot service. The number next to this icon indicates how many devices are connected to your iPhone. See "Settings > Personal Hotspot".

Your iPhone is set to forward calls to another phone number. See "Settings > Phone > Call Forwarding".

This icon identifies Bluetooth functionalities. See "Settings > Bluetooth".

Your iPhone is connected to a wireless Bluetooth headset, headphones, or earbuds. See "Settings > Bluetooth".

The battery level of the connected Bluetooth device. See "Settings > Bluetooth".

This icon identifies AirDrop functionalities. See "Settings > General > AirDrop".

Your iPhone is syncing with iTunes on another device. See "Settings > General > iTunes Wi-Fi Sync".

The rotation orientation is locked for your iPhone. Your screen won't rotate from portrait to landscape orientation. See "Control Center > Rotation Lock".

Your iPhone is connected to CarPlay.

Your iPhone is in TTY mode, which allows you to use iPhone with a TTY machine. Your screen won't rotate from portrait to landscape orientation. See "Settings > General > Accessibility > TTY".


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