Audio/Sound Alerts on Apple AirPods


What are Audio/Sound Alerts coming from my Apple AirPods?



Your AirPods generates different types of Audio/Sound alerts to inform you different conditions:

Connected Chime (One Long Chime) - You will hear the "Connected Chime" when you put an AirPod into your ear. This is to inform you that the AirPod is automatically connected to your iPhone and ready to use.

Battery Low Chime (Two Short "Bee Bee") - You will hear the "Battery Low Chime" when your AirPods battery level hits 25% remaining level.

Power Down Chime (Two Short "Doo Doo") - You will hear the "Power Down Chime" when your AirPods battery level hits 10% remaining level and AirPods will turn off.


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