Manage Photos and Videos on macOS


How to manage photos and videos on my macOS computer? I want to view or delete some of them.



Once you have imported photos or videos to your macOS computer, you can manage them in a similar way as on your iPhone.

1. Start "Photos" app on your macOS computer. You see a list of photos and videos from your default Photos library. If you don't see them, click "Photos" from the left menu.

2. Double-click on a photo. You see the photo displayed in full size.

3. Use menu commands to view and manage the displayed photo:

  • Room in or room out to see details of the photo.
  • Move it to a specific album.
  • Export it out of the library to local file.
  • Share it with other apps.
  • Delete it.
  • ...

Manage Photos on macOS


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