Windows Phone 8 Basics - Lock screen - Ringer


Windows Phone 8 Basics - Lock screen - Ringer

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If you don't want your phone to ring (in case you're in a movie theater or a meeting), wake up your phone by pressing the Power button. Then press up or down on the Volume buttons, which brings up the volume bar.

Then you can do any of the following:

Tap Ring Ringer on icon (or Ring + Vibrate Ringer on icon) to set your phone to Silent Ringer off icon (or Vibrate Ringer Vibrate icon) mode. To find out more, see Ringtones, sounds, and volume.
Press and hold the Volume Down Volume Down button button (until the numbers in the upper-left corner reach 00) to silence the ringer.
Press the Power button to silence an incoming call and turn off the screen.

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