Windows Phone 8 Basics - What is NFC?


Windows Phone 8 Basics - What is NFC?

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NFC stands for near field communication, a technology that allows two devices to "talk" to each other wirelessly at close range. Here are some of the ways you can use NFC with Windows Phone 8:

To share photos and more – Tap your phone to another NFC-capable device to quickly share photos, contacts, web addresses, and other things. To learn how, see Tap to share photos, websites, and more.

To pair with another device – Tap your phone to an NFC-capable accessory (such as a pair of speakers or headphones) to pair it with your phone for Bluetooth communication.

To make payments and other transactions – If your phone and mobile operator support it, you can set up credit or debit cards to pay for things in stores that offer this service.

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