Saving PDF for Adobe Reader on iPhone


How to save a PDF email attachment for Adobe Reader to view and manage in my iPhone? I have Adobe Reader installed now.



To save a PDF attachment in an email for Adobe Reader, you should follow these steps:

1. Tap on "Mail" and open the email that has the PDF attachment.

2. Tap on the attachment to download it from the mail server. The PDF icon is displayed on attachment when the download is done.

4. Tap on the PDF icon. The PDF document opens by the Mail app.

5. Tap on the share icon near the top or bottom. A list of apps displayed to receive the PDF document.

6. Select "Copy to Adobe Reader". The PDF document opens now in Adobe Reader.

7. Tap on the back icon. This PDF is saved in the Adobe Reader space now.

You can also save the PDF file to iBooks, using the "Copy to iBooks" share option.

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