Add a Friend in Contact List on


How to add the number of a new friend in the contact list on my I can not find the add button.



There is not add button in "Contacts" on You can add a new friend to your contact list by following these steps:

1. Login to with a Web browser. You see iCloud home page showing up.

2. Click the "Contacts" box. You see a list of contacts that you have created in your iCloud before.

3. Click on the one plus sign (+) on the bottom left corner. Add select "New Contact". You see an empty contact form showing up.

4. Enter your friend's name and phone. Then click "Done".

Your new friend is added to your contact list now.

The picture below shows you how to add a new friend the contact on with a Web browser:

Add New Friend to Contact List on
Add New Friend to Contact List on


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