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iPhone -Contacts - How can I add a custom label to iPhone contact numbers?
iPhone -Contacts - How can I add a custom label to iPhone contact numbers? The iPhone Contacts app provides several labels for numbers, such as main, mobile and work to identify different lines. What if you need to add a label not included in the list, to identify multiple mobile lines or a land lin...
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Samsung Galaxy Series and Models
What are Samsung Galaxy phone models and series? Samsung Galaxy has produced phones in many models divided into several series. For example: Samsung Galaxy A Series: 2014 Samsung Galaxy Alpha 2015 Samsung Galaxy A (2015) 2016 Samsung Galaxy A (2016) 2017 Samsung Galaxy A (2017) 2018 Samsung Galaxy A...
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Understanding Your Samsung Galaxy Phone
Where to find answers to frequently asked questions about Understanding Your Samsung Galaxy Phone? Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers compiled by FYIcenter.com team on Understanding Your Samsung Phone: Mobile Phone Maker - Samsung Electronics Samsung Galaxy Series and Mod...
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Find the Model Number of Samsung Galaxy
How find the model number of my Samsung Galaxy? To find the model number of your Samsung Galaxy, you can: Look at the back cover of the phone. You should see some lines of identification numbers like: CE0168 SM-G955W FCC ID: A3LSM... IC: 649E-... Model: Samsung D820 IMEI: 3564... Or open the Samsung...
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Samsung Galaxy Model Number Hierarchy
Why is the Samsung Galaxy Model Number Hierarchy? Samsung Galaxy Model Number Hierarchy can be described as: Hierarchy: Model Family > Model Number > Color Example: Galaxy S10 > SM-G973U > Black Model numbers are used to differentiate different variations of the same mode...
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Find the Android Version of Samsung Galaxy
How to find the Android Version number of my Samsung Galaxy phone? To find the Android Version number of your Samsung Galaxy phone, you can: 1. Go to "Settings > About Phone > Software information". You see the detailed information about the operating system: Android version: 8.0.0 Sam...
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What Is Samsung Galaxy Set Up
What Is the Samsung Galaxy Phone Set Up process? Samsung Galaxy Phone Set Up is a process that initializes your phone with Samsung default system and app. If it is a new phonne, the set up process will start immediately after you power on the phone for the first time. If it is a used phone, the set ...
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Print Message as PDF in Samsung "Email"
How to print email messages in Samsung "Email" as PDF files? If you want to save an important email message with embedded images, you can print it as as a PDF file by following these steps. 1. Tap on "Mail" app to open it. You see a list of email messages from existing email accounts. 2. Tap on the ...
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Save Message as File in Samsung "Email"
How to save email messages in Samsung "Email" as files? If you have an important email message received in Samsung "Email" app, you may want to save it as file by following these steps. 1. Tap on "Mail" app to open it. You see a list of email messages from existing email accounts. 2. Tap on the emai...
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SIM Card Issuer Company Lookup
Where to lookup for the SIM Card Issuer company and contact information? If you have the country/region code and the issuer ID, we can help you to lookup the SIM Card Issuer company name, address and the contact information. All you need to do is to enter the region code and the carrier ID, and clic...
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Can u please explain what each abbreviation means after you decode something. Bc I have no idea what checksum means a long with all the other info that you give after you decode something. Valid is the only thing I understand lol
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SIM Card Number Generator
Where to find SIM Card Numbers for testing purpose? If you are looking for SIM Card Numbers to test your application, we can help you to generate some SIM Card numbers with dummy accounts for different carriers in different regions. All you need to do is to enter the number of data items you need in...
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Text messaging on laptop
Is there a way to send and receive text messages from laptop using windows 8 along with an iphone 12 ?
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Huawei U8800 - Manage applications
Huawei U8800 - How do I manage applications? 1. Touch > Settings > Applications > Manage applications 2. All applications on your phone are listed. Touch any application to manage it.   ⇒ Huawei U8800 - Uninstall applications ⇐ Huawei U8800 - Install applications ⇑ O...
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Huawei U8800 - Save data traffic
Huawei U8800 - How do I save data traffic? 1. Disable data service when it is not used. 2. Disable data service in a Wi-Fi environment. 3. Use a WAP website instead of a www website. 4. Disable data service: Touch > Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks, and t...
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Huawei U8800 - Uninstall applications
Huawei U8800 - How do I uninstall applications? Touch > Settings > Applications > Manage applications. Touch an application and touch Uninstall.   ⇒ Huawei U8800 - Failed to install an application ⇐ Huawei U8800 - Manage applications ⇑ Operating Huawei U8800 Phone...
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Import Pictures from LG Phone Not Working
Why the "Import pictures and videos" function is not working when my LG phone is connected to my Windows computer? If you try to use the "Import pictures and videos" function on the AutoPlay interface with your LG phone connected to your Windows computer, you may see the "No new pictures or videos w...
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What Is the SEID Code on My Phone
What is the SEID on my phone? SEID (Security Element Identifier) is a long identifier of the Security Element chip, which works together with the NFC (Near Field Communication) chip to support Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or other built-in payment functions on your phone. A SEID number is 192 bits or 2...
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What Is the SIM Card Number
What is the SIM card? And what is the SIM number? A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is an integrated circuit card that stores the ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) number, the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number, and other information about the wireless carrier. Eve...
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IMEI/MEID Number Checker/Decoder
How to check and decode IMEI/MEID Number? To help you to obtain detailed information from an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), or MEID (Mobile Equipment ID) number, FYIcenter.com has designed this online tool. All you need to do is to enter an IMEI/MEID number in the form below, and cl...
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What Is the ICCID Number on My Phone
What does ICCID stand for? And what does the ICCID number mean on my phone? ICCID stands for Integrated Circuit Card IDentifier. An ICCID number identifies a single SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card internationally. A full ICCID number is 19 to 22 characters long. You can find the ICCID number o...
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Power Button on Samsung Phone
I bought my phone second hand from someone. he had the phone on already, well i got the phone home to find out the power button isn't working. i can not get it to turn on or off unless i plug it in. is there something i can do to fix it because when it times out i can not get it to go back on. plus ...
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Sim generator
hello, good job about iccid decoder, if you can share with me the function, i need it to do some research localy, for education private purpose sure, if you can reach me at : hakim_boukhadra@msn.com thank you
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Dark Apps in Waiting after Transferring from old iPhone
Why apps are displayed in dark and in status of "Waiting" after after transferring them from my old iPhone? After you have transferred your apps and data from your old iPhone using the the "Restore from iCloud/iTunes Backup" function, some apps will be displayed in dark and labeled as "Waiting". Thi...
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