Access iCloud Photos with Windows Explorer


How to access iCloud photos and videos with Windows Explorer?



If you have iCloud for Windows installed and running on your Windows PC, you can access iCloud Photo Library with Windows Explorer as described below:

1. Open Windows Explorer.

2. Enter "Computer" in the folder address box. You see "iCloud Photos" is listed as a system folder.

3. Double-click on "iCloud Photos" to open it. You see 3 sub folders listed:

  • Downloads - Where downloaded photos and videos from iCloud Photo Library are stored.
  • Uploads - Where photos and videos to be uploaded to iCloud Photo Library are stored.
  • Shared - Where photos and videos to be shared with others, iCloud Photo Sharing, are stored.

The picture below shows you how to change photo options in iCloud for Windows:
Access iCloud Photos and Videos with Windows Explorer


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