LG Phone Model Number Hierarchy


Why is the LG Phone Model Number Hierarchy?

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LG Phone Model Number Hierarchy can be described as:

Hierarchy: Model Family > Model Number > Color
Example:   LG G6        > VS988        > Black

Model numbers are used to differentiate different variations of the same model family that are made for a specific country, region or carrier. In the above example, LG G6 VS988 is the variation of G6 model made for Verizon in US.

Below are more examples of LG phone model families and model numbers:

LG K10 2017 > M250F   : For Latin American
LG K10 2017 > M250N   : For EU
LG G6       > VS988   : For US Verizon
LG G6       > LS993   : For US Sprint 
LG G6       > US997   : For US
LG G6       > G600K   : For Korea Telecom
LG G6       > G600L   : For Korea
LG G6       > G600S   : For Korea
LG Nexus 5  > D820    : For US
LG Nexus 5  > D821    : For Other countries
LG Nexus 4  > E960    : 


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