Change Screen Lock on LG Phone


How to Change Screen Lock on my LG Phone? I want to lock my phone.



You can follow this tutorial to lock you LG phone or change locking method.

1. Go to "Settings > Security > Screen Lock". You see 4 methods of locking your phone.

None     - No lock and no swipe
Swipe    - Swipe to open your phone without lock code
Pattern  - Lock with pattern.
PIN      - Lock with 4 or more digits 
Password - Lock with a password of letters and digits

2. Tap on "PIN".

3. Enter 4 or more digits as your screen lock PIN.

4. Close and re-open your phone.

5. Enter the PIN to unlock your phone.

The following picture shows you how to Change Screen Lock on you LG Phone:
Change Screen Lock on LG Phone


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