AirDrop PDF File Out Off macOS


How to AirDrop PDF books and other files my macOS computer to my friends?



Here are the correct steps to send PDF books and other files from your macOS computer to your friends apple devices.

1. Turn on AirDrop on your macOS, in "Finder > AirDrop".

2. Ask your friends to turn on AirDrop on their macOS computers or iPhones, and select the "Everyone" option on their devices.

3. Move your macOS closer to your friends. And ask your friends to keep their device open, not locked.

4. Go to "Finder" and select the PDF file you want to send.

5. Press "Control" and mouse button to open the context menu on the file. And select "Share > AirDrop" menu option. You see the AirDrop dialog box. Devices of your friends should be listed there. If not listed, verify that device is unlocked and AirDrop is turned on.

5. Click on the devices your want to send the picture. The "Waiting" status is displayed under the device name.

6. Ask your friends to accept the incoming file. Alerts of incoming files should be displayed on their devices.

7. Verify the transfer status on your macOS computer. You should see "Sent" status displayed.

Now your friends should be able enjoy your PDF book.

The picture below shows you how to AirDrop PDF file from your macOS to your friends.

AirDrop Photo/Video Out Off macOS
AirDrop Photo/Video Out Off macOS

On your macOS computer, you can use AirDrop on all types of files located by the "Finder" tool.


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