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What options are available to print documents from my Android phone?

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There are several options that you can use to setup your Android phone to print photos and documents.

1. Using Wi-Fi Connection - Most printers are Wi-Fi-enabled. Android will detect your printer if both of them are on the same local network, so you can print from your Android phone directly.

2. Using Printer Manufacture App - Most printer Manufactures offer Android apps to your install and manage their printers. Just go to Google Play Store and search printer app by the manufacture name to download and install it.

3. Using Printer Email Address - Some printers come with special email addresses for printing purpose. You can send your document as an email attachment to the printer. It will be printed automatically.

4. Using USB Cable Connection - Most printers allows you to connect your Android directly using a USB cable. Once connected, you can use your printer directly on your Android phone.

5. Using Google Cloud Print - Sadly, this service has been discontinued by Google as of January 2021.


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