Ways to Reduce RAM Usage


What are the ways to reduce RAM usage?

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Here are some suggestions to reduce RAM usage on your old Samsung tablets.

1. Stop syncing with Google services - Go to "Settings > Accounts > Google > Sync settings". And turn off the following:

Sync Calendar - OFF 
Sync Contacts - OFF 
Sync Drive - OFF 
Sync Gmail - OFF 
Sync Google Fit data - OFF 
Sync Google Play Books - OFF 
Sync Google Play Movies - OFF 
Sync People details - OFF

2. Stop syncing with Facebook services - Go to "Settings > Accounts > Facebook > Sync settings". And turn off the following:

Sync Contacts - OFF 

3. Stop unnecessary running apps and services - Go to "Settings > Applications Manager > Running". Review and stop stop any apps and services that you are not using. See the table below.

Apps                          RAM   Action  Description
--------                      ----  ------  --------------------
Calendar Storage               2MB  Stop    S Planner
Chrome                        10MB  Stop    Web browser
com.marvell.powergadget        1MB  Keep    Power management
com.sec.android.app.keyguard   2MB  Keep    Screen lock support  
Factory Test                   1MB  Stop    Checks system status
Gmail                         14MB  Stop    Email client
Google                        62MB  Stop    Web browser
Google Play service           46MB  Keep    Google services to apps
S Voice                       35MB  Stop    Voice command tool
Samsung keyboard               4MB  Keep    Keyboard input support
Settings                      25MB  Stop    System settings
SmartcardService               1MB  Stop    SIM card support
Weather Daemon                 3MB  Stop    Weather report
Running Apps on Samsung Galaxy Tablet
Running Apps on Samsung Galaxy Tablet


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