What Is the EMC Number on My Phone


What does EMC stand for? And what does the EMC # mean on my phone?

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EMC stands for ElectroMagnetic Compatibility, which is a characteristic of electrical and electronic equipment that permits it to operate as intended in the presence of other electrical and electronic equipment, and not to adversely interfere with that other equipment.

EMC # refer to the ability of electronic equipment to be a ‘good electromagnetic neighbor’, without causing or being susceptible to electromagnetic interference with other equipment.

If you have iPhone, you can find the EMC # of your phone usually on the back cover.

Here are some examples of EMC #s:

"EMC 2430" -  Apple iPhone 4S
"EMC 2642" -  Apple iPhone 5s
"EMC 3042" -  Apple iPhone SE
"EMC 3091" -  Apple iPhone 7
"EMC 3176" -  Apple iPhone X (Japan)
"EMC 3309" -  Apple iPhone 11 (US/Canada)
"EMC 8138" -  Apple iPhone 14 (US)

For example, the following picture shows you an EMC number of "EMC 2430" printed on the back cover of an Apple iPhone.

ID Label on iPhone Back Cover
ID Label on iPhone Back Cover


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