What Is the CMIIT Code on My Phone


What does CMIIT stand for? And what does the CMIIT ID # mean on my phone?

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CMIIT stands for China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, formerly called China Ministry of Information Industry (CMII). The CMIIT ID # identifies the certification ID of the phone device issued by CMIIT.

If your phone is certified by CMIIT to be sold in China, you can find the CMIIT ID # of your phone usually on the back cover.

CMIIT ID # consists of 4 parts, year, type, origin and serial number, as shown below:

          |   Type
          |   ---- 
          |   |Origin
          |   |------
          |   ||Serial Number 
          |   ||-------------
          |   |||
          v   vvv
CMIIT ID: 2017CJ3953

Format rules on FCC ID #s:

  • Year is a 4-digit number.
  • Type is A (fixed communication), C (public cellular), D (short distance), F (special cellular), G (broadcasting), H (aviation), L (radar), S (marine), W (satellite), or Z (other).
  • Origin is P (domestic) or J (imported).
  • Serial Number is the application serical number.

Here are some examples of FCC ID #s:

"CMIIT ID: 2010CJ3612" - C: Public cellular device, J: Imported
"CMIIT ID: 2017CJ3953" - C: Public cellular device, J: Imported 

For example, the following picture shows you a CMIIT registration ID of "CMIIT ID: 2010CJ3612" printed on the back cover of an Apple iPhone.

ID Label on iPhone Back Cover Sold in China
ID Label on iPhone Back Cover Sold in China

On an iPhone, you can also find the CMIIT ID # in "Settings > General > Legal & Regulatory" as shown below:

iPhone - Settings > General > Legal
iPhone - Settings > General > Legal


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