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What are phone number formats useed in a specific country or region?

Different countries or regions use different phone number formats.

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Most phone numbers in Sudan are written in the following formats:

   Prefix: long distance or international
   |   Carrier or area code 
   |   --------------------
   |   |   Subscriber number
   |   |   -----------------
   v   v   v
   0   AAA SSS SSS      - Local format
  +249 AAA SSS SSS      - International format

Most telephone numbers in Sudan have 9 digits and are written in the format of "AAA SSS SSS". Here are some examples: 183 763 790; 912 397 277.

When dialing locally inside Sudan, the long distance prefix of "0" is required. So the format becomes "0 AAA SSS SSS".

When dialing from outside of Sudan, the international dial-in prefix "+249" is required. So the format becomes "+249 AAA SSS SSS".

When dialing from Sudan to other countries, the international dail-out prefix "+" or "00" required.

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