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What are the main features of iPhone 5?

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Main features of iPhone 5 are:

  • iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter - iPhone 5 measures a mere 7.6 millimeters thin and weighs just 112 grams. Comparing to iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 is 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter.
  • iPhone 5 wireless is fast - iPhone 5 does LTE the right way — optimized for better battery life and designed for ultrafast connectivity in a thin profile. The very things you want most from your smartphone.
  • iPhone 5 has a faster CPU performance - With the new A6 chip, just about everything you do on iPhone 5 is noticeably faster — up to twice as fast compared with the A5 chip. So apps launch, web pages load, and email attachments appear almost instantly.
  • iPhone 5 introduces Apple Maps - The new Maps app gives you a better way to find your way. Map elements are vector based, which means graphics and text are incredibly sharp, even when you zoom in. Pan around, and you’ll instantly notice how smooth and responsive Maps is.


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