iPhone 6 - How much does it cost?


iPhone 6 - How much does it cost?

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The iPhone 6 (16GB) starts at $199—a 64GB ($299) and 128GB ($399) version are also available.
The iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) starts at $299—a 64GB ($399) and 128GB($499) version are also available.
These prices require you to sign a two-year contract with a wireless provider, such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, or T-Mobile. In addition to regular cell phone service, you'll be required to purchase a mobile data plan, which usually costs at least $20 per month.
You can also get the iPhone 5S for $99 or the iPhone 5C for free with a two-year contract, but keep in mind that these are older models.

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