iCloud Main Functions on iPhone


What are the main functions provided by iCloud on my iPhone?

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Here are the main functions provided by iCloud on your iPhone:

  • Profile - Manages your Apple ID profile.
  • Family Information - Shares information with other Apple ID accounts in your family.
  • Storage - Manages your storage in iCloud.
  • iCloud Drive - Controls accesses for apps to store data in iCloud.
  • Photos - Manages Photo Library, Photo Stream and Photo Sharing services. in iCloud
  • Mail - Controls access to your email box in iCloud.
  • Contacts - Controls access to your contacts iCloud.
  • Calendars - Controls access to your calendar events in iCloud.
  • Reminders - Controls access to your Reminders in iCloud.
  • Safari - Controls synchronization of Safari data in iCloud.
  • Notes - Controls synchronization of Notes in iCloud.
  • News - Controls access to News in iCloud.
  • Wallet - Controls access to wallet in iCloud.
  • Backup - Manages auto backup of your iPhone to iCloud.
  • Keychain - Manages Keychain service in iCloud.
  • Find My iPhone - Manages "Find My iPhone" service in iCloud.
  • Share My Location - Manages "Share My Location" service in iCloud.

The picture below shows you iCloud main functions on iPhone:

iCloud Main Functions on iPhone
iCloud Main Functions on iPhone


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