iTunes Sync Error: Book not Found


Why am I getting this iTunes Sync Error "Some of items ... could not be found"?



You will an sync error, if you have deleted some books from hard disk after you have added them to the library. See the following example

1. Add the "4611_sample_explain.pdf" book to iTunes library from c:\fyicenter.

2. Delete the file c:\fyicenter\4611_sample_explain.pdf.

3. View book library on iTunes. The book is still listed in the library.

4. Select this book and sync with iPhone. You will get the follow error:

Some of items in the iTunes library, including 
"4611_sample_explain", were not copied to the iPhone, 
because they could not be found.

The picture below shows you the iTunes Sync Error: Book not Found:

iTunes Sync Error: Book not Found
iTunes Sync Error: Book not Found


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